IT 570 This is a great article on Jane Hart’s Learning in the Social Workplace which champions the idea of employees having a Learning Portfolio outside of the parameters of the records kept by employers.  Not only is the article interesting, I think it would be a great source to use in an instructional design plan like … Continue reading

IT 570

Evaluation & Assessment in Business Environments

Evaluation & Assessment in Business Environments This is an interesting site with a terrible name, and this specific page discuss and provides examples for evaluations and feedback for learning programs within business settings using the Kirkpatrick levels. Most examples of evaluation are of the informal kind which matches well with our corporate PLE group’s design plan. Continue reading

IT 570

Trends for training, including PLE

Trends for training, including PLE This article has some interesting information about the growth of PLEs in corporate and training environments.  One of the things I found most provoking was this statement, “…the highest quality social learning environments are differentiated by the continued involvement of facilitators and instructors.”   Though I totally believe this is … Continue reading


Originally posted on Alaska Ed Tech:
As I think about the MOOC, and how best to harness it for an academic setting and for perpetuating and sharing knowledge across the web, I realize that everything I know about instructional design is wrong. The world has turned upside down in a short year, and my discipline…