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Trends for training, including PLE

Trends for training, including PLE

This article has some interesting information about the growth of PLEs in corporate and training environments.  One of the things I found most provoking was this statement, “…the highest quality social learning environments are differentiated by the continued involvement of facilitators and instructors.”   Though I totally believe this is the case, I wondered why.  Are learners not as motivated to add and aggregate content autonomously and are more likely to when there is the power of a teach/trainer motivating them?  Also, how does a facilitator actually just promote learning, rather than having an agenda of what should be learned and what that look like?


One thought on “Trends for training, including PLE

  1. Interesting – I’m guessing that folks are beginning to get overwhelmed with the amount of social media out there. They have to have a really good reason to make the effort (like a grade). I heard a radio spot today about this topic and the stress introduced into our lives by technology. It was on Krista Tippett’s “On Being” public radio show. Guest Dr. Sherry Turkle from MIT studies the subjective side of technology – the inner effects of the laptops and tablets, the phones and players that have already transformed the substance of our days. She feels that we’re in between worlds now – that we assume the Internet is grown up but it’s not. We have yet to shape it fully to respond to our needs. It’s still, to some extent, controlling us – it’s out of balance. We must live an examined digital life and learn to shape technology to be humane and sustainable. Turkel is author of Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other. The entire transcript of the show can be found at:

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