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As I think about the MOOC, and how best to harness it for an academic setting and for perpetuating and sharing knowledge across the web, I realize that everything I know about instructional design is wrong. The world has turned upside down in a short year, and my discipline has evolved beyond me. I’m working through a few cognitive and emotional dilemmas:

First dilemma: Class size

As few as three years ago, I argued against large class sizes in online environments, citing the need for the instructor to maintain a presence and provide feedback. At the same time, I wrote about the need to reduce the need for managing discussions through proximity and therefore increase authentic student interaction and decrease dependence on the instructor. So I guess this dilemma isn’t new to me.

Second dilemma: Chaos

Only in the last year have I become somewhat comfortable with moving learning outside…

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  1. The blogger provides an nteresting perspective, Lauren – thanks for posting. Did you mean to categorize it as uncategorized? (I found it by going to your blog rather than via the motherblog)

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